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Air Conditioning Parts Kalamazoo, Mi

Douglas Heating Supply has a large selection of air conditioning parts for any project or unit that you might have. We carry a large selection of parts for most units - wholesale to the public. 

Whatever part of your air conditioning unit that needs parts in Kalamazoo, Mi, Douglas Heating Supply has your air conditioning part at wholesale prices.  We have a large supply of thermostats along with wifi thermostats in Kalamazoo, Mi.  We also supply the major parts of an air conditioning unit:

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  • Evaporator - Receives the liquid refrigerant
  • Condenser - Facilitates heat transfer
  • Expansion valve - regulates refrigerant flow into the evaporator
  • Compressor - A pump that pressurizes refrigerant

Douglas Heating Supply in Kalamazoo, Mi can find the part for you if we do not have it in stock.  We are the DIY parardise finding all the right parts to fix your air conditioning unit at wholesale prices.  Call us today and ask our knowledgable staff to help guide your project.

Wholesale to the Public. Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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