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When Was the Last Time You Really took A Look At your Blower Motor? Douglas Heating Supply has a large selection of blower motor HVAC parts for any project or unit that you might have. We carry a large selection of parts for most units - wholesale to the public. 

If you have a heating or air conditioning problem, you many need to repair or replace your blower motor. We know that you want it repaired as fast as possible. If your unit has shut down, or if it isn’t working properly, it could be the blower motor, we can help, call us.

Blower Motors Services and Parts- Kalamazoo, Mi

Douglas Blower Motor
At Douglas Heating Supply in Kalamazoo, Mi we can help you find the product you are looking for. We can replace your blower or we have the parts to replace it too. Call Douglas Heating Supply today. We install and promote a wide selection of high–efficiency heating systems and parts, blower motors, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and more! Our Kalamazoo, MI heating technicians are trained to repair all makes and models, and if your heating system needs a tune–up, call us, we can help! We are here to handle all your HVAC needs, so call any time to schedule an appointment today.

Blower Motors- Kalamazoo, Mi

Whatever part of your heating unit that needs parts,  Douglas Heating Supply has your heating part at wholesale prices.  We have a large supply of heating units and parts in Kalamazoo, Mi. We have a 10,000-square-foot warehouse, you are welcome to come to check out our inventory of blower motor products.
Dirt blower motors on the furnace usually means dirty evaporator coils and dirty air ducts. They regular maintenance and a quality good fitting air filter in your furnace help. Your furnace and it's blower motor should be checked out every year.

Douglas Heating Supply in Kalamazoo, Mi can find the part for you if we do not have it in stock.  We are the DIY paradise finding all the right parts to fix your heating unit at wholesale prices.  Call us today and askour knowledgable staff to help guide your project.

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Signs that your blower motor requires repaired or replaced:

  • Motor Hums or Vibrations
  • Motor Out of Balance
  • Fan Motor Capacitor Replacement
  • Motor doe not Upgrade to Variable Speed
  • Motor Doesn’t Put Out Enough Air
  • Motor Doesn’t Start

Furnaces that are older and equipped with belt driven fan motors are now scarce. Most of these furnaces have been replaced because of their age. If your Los Angeles furnace has a belt driven fan motor should have it checked out every years for cracks in the heat exchanger and gas leaks. Many motors, like this variable speed motor, have flexible speed control. We set the indoor fan motors that blow 350, 400 or 450 cubic feet of air per minute per ton.

Blower Motors Parts and Services- Kalamazoo, Mi

At Douglas Heating Supply Co., we provide you with the best products along with excellent customer service. Give us a call any time and explore all the products and services we have available for you today.  Better products and better customer service is a reality, and it’s just one phone call away! We look forward to serving you and your customers!

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